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Contemporary dance artist based in Montreal. I started my training with Ballet Ouest de Montreal, where I had many performance opportunities and met choreographers such as Claude Caron, Andrea Hutchingson, Pilar Espilat, Kyra Jean Green, Alexander Carlos, Emmanuel Martin, Veronic Giasson, Loes Ruizeveld, guests from La La human steps, Cas Public and many more. I then went on to train at Ballet Divertimento in Montreal working with choreographers such as Owen Montegue, Zachary Tang, Christopher Rudd, Vanessa Garcia, Marisa Apoloni, Chantal Desgroseilliers and Christine Cyr. I also participated with my school in doing an exchange with the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, working with Diana Loosmore


During this time I also graduated from John Abbott College with a degree in Arts, Letters and Communications. I enjoy being interdisciplinary with the many forms of media I have learned such as, videography, digital media, photography, darkroom and audio soundscapes.

I have continued doing my studies at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, where I participated in the postgraduate program to prepare for my career as a professional dancer. There, I participated in creating  and performed pieces by choreographers such as Jens Scyth Brondmen, Morten Innstrand, Lucia Pasquini, Charlotte Khader, Jarkko Mandelin, Toby Fitzgibbons, Michael Tang Markusson, Christina Mertzani,  Liv Mikaela Sanz, Roberto Scafati, Alex Kros, Mauro Astolfi and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance Festival.

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